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ADVA Optical Networking SE is a German company, founded in 1994. The company's goal has been to innovate network technologies and transmissions from the very beginning, as the name ADVA (ADd VAlue) itself suggests. The company enjoys success in both industry and finance, media, research and education. This success is possible thanks to fast and powerful technologies, offering high capacity and stability. The need for a flawless and reliable connection is shared across all markets and continents. While networks adapt to market requirements and enable more complex data infrastructures, access to this data is still crucial for organizations.

As part of the acquisition at the end of 2017, the new portfolio of transport and aggregation network technologies of the MRV Communications holding is being transferred under the ADVA brand.

ADVA's current portfolio has thus been expanded not only for telecommunications operators to the current range of technologies:
  • Scalable optical transport: L1 systems FSP 3000 AgileConnect ™, FSP 3000 CloudConnect ™ and FSP 3000 AccessConnect ™
  • Switches for Packet edge and aggregation: Carrier Ethernet demarcation, Programmable demarcation, Edge aggregation and Edge computing
  • Nástroje pro zabezpečení infrastruktury: Advanced Link Monitoring, konzolové servery LX Series a přepínací matice Media Cross Connect Series
  • Infrastructure security tools: Advanced Link Monitoring, LX Series console servers, and Media Cross Connect Series switch matrices
  • Systems for synchronization and transmission of various levels of accurate tim
  • Solutions for virtualization of network functions
  • Comprehensive network supervision tools

For more information please contact:

Ing. Roman Onderka

Product manager

Phone: +420 548 210 406 kl. 262
Mobile: +420 776 176 462


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