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GigaLight was founded in 2006. The company strictly adheres to international standards. At present, its area is 8000 m2, on which it has its production plants and management. The company also has four research departments and a large number of patents. Gigalight holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

The key products of this company are optical and metallic transducers (SFP, SFP +, X2, XENPAK, QSFP, CSFP, CFP, CXP). Other Gigalight products include metallic and optical Direct Attach cables (DAC, Twinax), optical PLC splitters, AWG, WDM.

For more information please contact:

Bc. Roman Štemberk, DiS. 
Product manager
phone.: +420 548 210 406 kl. 238
mobile: +420 736 625 838

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